Best Compost Tumbler Bin

Made in the USA by Envirocycle, the manufacturers simply claim that this is the most beautiful composter in the world, we also think it is the best compost tumbler bin available.
Best Compost Tumbler Bin

On the subject of “most beautiful”, whether used as a single unit, or as a series of two or more side by side, these compost tumblers have a compact but strong appearance, that actually enhances your Garden whilst so many others detract. So the makers claim might just stand up to scrutiny too.

10 Reasons why this is the Best Compost Tumbler Bin

Buying either the Mini Composter (17 US Gallons) or the full-size Composter (35 US Gallons), the features of these bins are identical, all that changes are the dimensions, and the storage area.

1 Food Safe Construction

2 Compact

3 Removable Tumbler

4 Compost Tea Management

5 Easy to add and Remove material

6 Effortless Rotation

7 Appearance

8 Can be located anywhere

9 Tried and tested

10 Great Warranty

Food Safe

Given that the reason for owning and operating a composting system is to produce clean, hopefully, organic Compost to enhance your garden beds, Veggie patch etc there is little point buying a system who’s very construction can contaminate the food you later grow from your Compost.

Like most Compost Bins and Tumblers, the Envirocycle Tumbler Bin is constructed from Plastic. In this case, the material used is BPA (Bisphenol A). According to the Mayo Clinic, this chemical is often found in plastics used to store foods, and it is known to seep into foods. This chemical has possible adverse effects on brain function, as well as behavior, it is suspected of being an issue with blood pressure, and to affect the prostate gland in children, infants and even fetuses.

Envirocycle Bins are made from only BPA free plastics.


Compact Compost Tumbler BIn

Even the larger of the two Compost Tumblers is under 28 inches tall, with a base of 21 inches by 25 inches. So it stands about Thigh high on a petite (5 ft 5 inch tall) woman. This small footprint is an important factor when locating your Bin.

Removable Tumbler

Removable Compost Tumbler

Unlike other bins on which the Tumbler is fixed to a metal frame, the actual Compost container on this unit can simply be removed from the base when full. Its circular design and sturdy construction allow you to roll it to where the Compost is to be used. This again increases your choice when it comes to locating the Tumbler, and also impacts on ease of accessing the compost itself.

Compost Tea Management

Collecting Compost Tea

 This bin is designed so that the Compost tea created simply flows into a storage tank in the base. Once there it is easily accessed by a built-in spigot on the front.By simply positioning the 4 plugs in the base, you can decide to direct the Compost Tea into the storage tank, retain it in the mix for added moisture, or if you prefer just insert 2 plugs and allow it to disperse into the soil below. It is an elegant system

Easy to add or Remove material

Composting material is easily added via a large, lockable door on the bin itself, which you keep at the top after rotating the bin to mix the contents. When the Material inside is mature, you simply roll the bin from its base, wheel it to where you want to use the compost, rotate it so the trap door is near to the ground, Remove the door, and tip the Compost out. You never have to handle it.

Effortless Rotation

Once the Bin is 3 quarters full, it’s time to allow the Compost to mature. From this point, you simply rotate the bin 3 full turns every 3 days to rotate the mix. To facilitate this, the bin sits on a series of rollers set into the base, and rotation is a simple, two-handed process.


As mentioned above, the bin simply looks great, it is compact, but the construction means that it is always neat, clean and looks strong and sturdy. The design of the Bin and base is more pleasing to the eye than bins mounted on aluminium frames.


One reason we select this as our Best Compost Tumbler Bin is the small footprint (21 inches by 25 inches). Combined with the fact that the Tumbler does not need to sit directly on soil ( as many Compost bins do), and the easy Roll Off Tumbler mean you are free to position it anywhere that is convenient. Placement just outside the kitchen door, or on a balcony or deck are popular locations, as they increase your convenience when taking out kitchen scraps etc so it suits the smaller spaces many of us live in today. Alternatively, it will stand anywhere in a garden bed without taking up very much room at all.

Tried and Tested

Envirocycle have been making and improving upon their tumbler for close to 10 years. A quick check on user opinions on Amazon shows a satisfaction score of 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars which are very high and with over 250 written reviews available you can be confident that the product does what is says it will do.


Even with the resounding customer satisfaction, it’s also good to know that the Company stands behind their product. To that end, a 5-year warranty, and a solid customer service support complete the picture, and our reasoning in selecting it as our Best Compost Tumbler Bin.

Whilst this is our Best Compost Tumbler, there is one negative in our opinion. Once the tumbler is full it will take 8 weeks to mature (which is fine), but being a single compartment you cannot add further material to it in that time. This is an issue with Tumblers because you either choose one larger compartment or two smaller ones in the same unit. The smaller compartments have their own drawbacks as well.

In our opinion, the smart solution is to buy one Envirocycle Compost Tumbler and start filling. Depending on the amount of material you have this can take a while. As it approaches the near full stage, buy a second Tumbler to place next to it. Together they look great, and you will have the convenience of rotating the two bins, so you are producing quality compost all the time.

If you would like to see more, this 2 minute video will show you the bin in action.

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