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Europe has taken a bold step to ensure homes use an Energy Efficient Vacuum Cleaner. Just as “Star Ratings” are applied to major electrical appliances, Europe now requires an Energy Label be affixed to vacuum Cleaners.

Energy Efficient Vacuum Cleaner

The BEST VACUUM CLEANER FOR CARPET, has a slightly different label to the Best Vacuum Cleaner for Hard Floors.

Energy Efficient Vacuum Cleaner Explained

From 2013, the European Commission requires these labels be attached to most vacuum cleaners. Exceptions are Battery Operated cleaners, Hand Held Vacuums, and Robot Vacuums. The regulation applies to both domestic and commercial Vacuum Cleaners.

The label is designed to illustrate:

  • the manufacturer, and the Model number.
  • An Energy rating from A to G (with A being the best).
  • Estimates the amount of energy the cleaner will use in a year.
  • Rating (A-G) for efficiency in stopping dust from re-entering the air
  • (A-G) for Efficiency on Carpet
  • Rating (A-G) for effectiveness on Hard Floors
  • The Cleaners Maximum Noise output in Decibels

The Energy rating formula considers the cleaner’s power, and how well that power is converted into collection of dust.

How much Energy does a Vacuum Cleaner Use

Motors used in Domestic Vacuum Cleaners vary considerably in size. To counter this, Europe has moved to ban all Vacuum cleaners with Motors over 1600 watts. By 2017 the maximum motors size will be 900 watts.

According to the European Commission this change is significant. It will see Electricity use in Europe full by as much as the entire annual consumption of Belgium.

The Cordless Vacuum

As mentioned, the increasingly popular hand held, cordless vacuum cleaners, and Robot cleaners are not covered by this labeling requirement.

Choosing your new Vacuum Cleaner

When considering a new Vacuum cleaner, consider your needs based on the

  • type of surfaces to be cleaned
  • Stairs of no stairs
  • Pets or No pets
  • Corded or Cordless
  • Quality of attachments

After you narrow down the choices, consider the Energy Rating, in this way, thinking Green is easy.¬† The Energy savings between an Energy Efficient Vacuum Cleaner (“A” rated) and an inefficient (“G” rated) cleaner adds up over the life of the cleaner.

Will other countries follow Europe?

Some 3 years after the Europeans announcement, there is no indication that other markets (USA, Australia, Canada) will follow.
The conversation about change in Europe, is likely to see even stronger sales in high performance Vacuum cleaners, as consumers guard against  similar restrictions coming to their markets.

Whilst a higher powered motor does not equate to better suction, the average consumer is yet to catch on.

Energy Efficient Vacuum CleanerOften ahead of the trends in this market, Dyson no longer measures motor power in AMPs or Watts, but measure Air Watts, and efficiency rating combining motor power and the airflow generated.

The Dyson DC65 Animal creates a massive 245 Air Watts. This is up to 6 times the effective suction of other leading cleaners from Bissell, Shark and Hoover.

We still think it is the most Energy Efficient Vacuum Cleaner available, as well as the Best vacuum for Carpet available today.

Dyson Ball Vacuum Cleaner

Recycled Dyson Ball

If the combination of Animal hair and Carpet is not what you are dealing with, you can also get similar efficiency, save significant cash, and help the environment with a Certified Refurbished Dyson Ball Vacuum. These have a 6 months manufacturers warranty, and will safely deal with cleaning needs across all floor types. If you have hard floors you will need to pick up the Dyson Articulating Hard floor head as well.

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