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What is the Best Water Filter?

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drinking-water-filter-singapore-1235578_960_720In most places you can no longer assume that tap water is clean and filtered for optimum health. For peace of mind it is smart to install the best water filter you can afford.

In an industrialized world, Tap water contains a lot of contaminants that could be detrimental. According to the UK’s “Daily Mail“, these include Chlorine, Bacteria, Pesticides, Fluoride, and Heavy metals.

All of these can impact your health both in the short and in the long term. It has even been reported that Tap water contains chemicals which impact the gender of your unborn child. The taste of you water will also impact on your daily coffee etc

One way to reduce the risks, is to be proactive, and make sure you are drinking cleanest water you can. In your home that means filtering your water just before you drink it. You will find that the best water filters can remove most of the potentially harmful chemicals.

To be considered a “Good water filter”, it must get rid of not only harmful chemicals such as lead and chloroform. Increasingly there are also traces of organic chemicals, and bacteria to deal with.

We look at each  category of filter on the market and recommend for the best water filter in each:- Read more

Rain gardens help environment

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Storm water poses a serious challenge to many communities. Unchecked, it will run off from your roof or the driveway and onto the streets. From there it moves into the drainage system and finally into the waterways. Rain Gardens can help.
Cottage Rain gardens

In principal there is nothing wrong with how municipal storm water systems are intended to work. However, as the water flows over the various surfaces, it picks up a lot of litter and chemicals. These also end up in the lakes, rivers and streams where they can cause serious harm to biodiversity. Another big problem with Storm water, is that it is extremely powerful. Read more

Espresso Machines Different Heating Technologies

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ne simple pleasure that most of us turn to each day, (which in turn relies on water quality) is our daily Coffee. As a coffee consumer purchasing a home coffee maker, there are numerous factors to consider, some of which impact on energy consumption, price and purity


If you have decided to buy a semi-automatic espresso machine, three important aspects to consider are the Heating Technology, Portafilter, and Grouphead. You can follow this link to read about the best espresso machine for home: without the techno-speak, or read on: Read more

How Water Purification Tablets work

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Water Purification tablets are not important where most of us live. In our fairly comfortable environments, and we take things such as the purity of water almost for granted. But there are plenty of situations around the world, especially when traveling, where safe water cannot be guaranteed.

When safety of drinking water is an issue, Water Purification Tablets  or a Personal Lifestraw are the answer.
Water Purification Tablets Personal Lifesrtraw

Water purification tablets offer one of the most effective techniques that you can use to purify your water. Read more