Eco Friendly Fertilizer Options

Eco Friendly fertilizer used to grow StrawberriesThe idea of “going green” is now mainstream. It’s no longer a movement of idealistic individuals, with an exaggerated concern about effects of a modern lifestyle.Eco friendly fertilizer is playing a big part in the transition.

Since organizations like Monsanto are being exposed, many people are realizing that going green is the only healthy option available.

Organic or “green” product options are popping up everywhere including the products that we use in our gardens, and our homes.

Because of the harmful effects of synthetic fertilizers, Eco friendly fertilizer, usually organic, is growing in popularity with backyard gardeners and commercial producers.

Farmers, gardeners, and hobbyists now have numerous choices when it comes to Eco-friendly fertilizers. These can generally be classified into three main groups:-

  • Naturally occurring Eco-friendly fertilizers
  • DIY organic or Eco-friendly fertilizers
  • Manufactured organic fertilizers

Naturally Occurring Organic or Eco Friendly Fertilizer

There are numerous kinds of natural, Eco friendly fertilizer that you can harvest and use at almost zero cost.

Examples of these include peat, animal wastes, and seaweed, along with various naturally occurring, biodegradable waste and manure. Other naturally occurring Eco friendly fertilizer includes rock phosphates, limestone, and potash. All of these can be purchased cheaply from retailers and distributors.

DIY Organic or Eco Friendly Fertilizer

You make these from readily available organic materials, such as manure and decomposing plant material. If you are already taking a sustainable approach to gardening, a little chicken manure (or purchased manure) can be added to plant waste to generate rich compost. making it yourself costs little or nothing. By adding the compost to your soil, you are replenishing nutrients and increasing the harvest from your vegetable, fruit of flowering “crops”.

Slurry waste: Another form of naturally based Eco friendly fertilizer that you make at home. All you do is take solids, (mainly domestic waste), and immerse them in water. The mixture is added to the soil to boost productivity or yield. Slurry waste can be prepared at home, by adding solid domestic waste to a water tank continually. As a result, you end up with a nutrient rich fluid, which you can draw off and add to your soil. As a liquid, it is quickly absorbed by the soil and taken up as nourishment by your plants.

Worm castings: This is what you get when you break down organic materials in a worm farm. It is nutrient-rich, and can be used to produce a liquid form called “Worm Tea”. You can make it in a similar way to the Slurry. Again you will have a liquid that you feed to plants. You are also encouraging an increase in worm populations. Worms are essential for healthy soil.

Manufactured Eco friendly fertilizer.

You can easily find companies that specialize in organic and Eco friendly fertilizers. These are made on a large scale from natural waste. Examples of these include compost or brown manure.

So now you know that Eco friendly fertilizer, homemade or purchased is readily available. You will find that commercial products cost more than their synthetic counterparts.However, they will not destroy our waterways, damage the Hydro-Biology in our aquatic systems, or threaten our health.

In short the extra cash paid, or time spent generating an Eco friendly fertilizer is a self-fulfilling investment.

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