Enviro World 82 Gallon Compost Bin

enviro world 82 gallon compost binWe love the simple design of this compost bin. It comes in one piece with no assembly required – which makes this a perfect choice for the beginner. Call it Composting 101 with a lot of the steps removed. In fact, once you get this garden compost bin out of the box you are pretty much ready to start composting.

Other features that make this a great garden compost bin for beginners is that it is big enough to produce a lot of nutrient rich soil. It measures at 11 cubic feet and has a twist locking lid to keep it in place and to keep critters out.

The bin also has ventilation slots that are strategically located to maximize the process required for composting. It’s added bonuses include metal grounding pegs to hold it in place and keep it stable when filling or emptying. Plus, if you are using this as a Composting beginner, there’s also a handy Composting Guide included in the package.

Enviro World are based in Canada, and make environmentally freindly products for individuals and municipalities throughout Canada and the USA.

As you would expect from such a Company, the Enviro World 82 is only made from 100-percent recycled material. So you know that your green efforts are being matched by the company that made this unit. No matter if you are a composting ‘newbie’ or a long time recycler, you will appreciate the performance of this composter. You will be able to create clean soil that you can add to your yard or garden and do it quickly and easily with this handy composter.

Would I call it the best garden compost bin I have found?

Let’s take a look at some of the features first. I like that this specific compost bin is a single construction style. This is why I would highly recommend this product for beginners. If you are not sure whether or not composting is something you want to do on a regular basis, this basic style bin is for you. It is not hard to use and it looks like a standard composter.

The large 19.5-inch opening is great as it allows you to feed it and gives you enough room to stir the mixture up with a stick, small shovel or pitchfork. It’s lid, however, is a little less secure than I would like but the fact that it is a twist on style eliminates the need for an extra latching system, so in a way that cancels out one problem. I think that if the design had a screen at the bottom it could be a little more efficient at keeping out pests, but I am also looking at this as an experienced composter. A beginner may not be as concerned, and the trade off is that garden worms have access and can help speed up the process.

One design feature I would like to see improved upon with this composter is the staking system to secure the bin to the ground. Depending on the ground conditions where you place this bin, you may encounter problems with the stakes. I look at it like tent pegs. I would rather secure a tent to the ground with spiral pegs. I think the same would make this bin more stable in some locations. Either way, the stakes that come with this unit are not long enough for my liking, but it is easy to buy longer ones if stability does become an issue.

But, aside from those two points, it is a pretty good composter. Not exactly the best compost system, but a good one regardless. The Composting 101  Guide is packed with tons of tips and provides a good education for someone approaching this as a beginner. If you are little more experienced in the art of composting leaves and other yard and kitchen wastes, you may find this bin a bit too basic for your needs. However, as a backup or extra composte bin, it will fit the bill quite nicely.

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