“Good Ideas” Dual Compost Tumbler

Are you looking for a quality Compost Tumbler, which provides the convenience of Dual Tumbler bins, and the capacity of a larger, heavy duty Compost Bin?

If so, the “Good Ideas” CW-2XS007 with bonus Starter kit might be just the answer. The Company is based in Pennsylvania, so you are buying a quality American product.

This product has been recently added to the Amazon warehouse. It now ships directly from Amazon with a three-part starter kit as well. So you can now rely on the shipping methods and guaranteed shipping times that Amazon is famous for. Being a newly added item, at the time of writing, this specific product has not gathered any customer reviews. Don’t be concerned. The same product, (and others from this Brand), have hundreds of reviews from satisfied users and average over 4 stars.

Let’s take a closer look at this Compost Tumbler

The first significant factor for users is the dual tumblers. This means you can start the first one with the help of the starter kit provided, and progressively fill it. Once full leave it to mature, rotate it regularly and continue adding your composting materials to the second.  Unlike smaller Tumblers on the market, these Tumblers each have a 3.5 cubic foot capacity. This means each Tumbler is going to take a while to fill. But once you have the system in full operation it will provide a steady supply of great quality compost.

This Compost Tumbler system is still compact, (measuring 30 inches, by 22 inches, by 25 inches). It is designed to be positioned in the garden. Unlike a traditional Compost Heap which can be untidy, properly located this system will not detract from your outlook at all.

Good Ideas Compost Tumbler

Another welcome feature of this product is that arrives fully assembled. All you have to do is create a suitable, flat position to locate it in, and start composting right away.

Find a Sunny Spot

As always you will get the best results by locating the Compost Tumbler in a sunny position. The added heat speeds up the Compost process. I always find that the best results come by adding material that has been chopped up small. We have a Kitchen Compost shredder which is just brilliant for this. In ideal conditions, you could hope to have completed compost 3-4 weeks after the Tumbler has been filled. In colder weather, it simply takes longer.

The circular access holes and lids are designed for a complete seal, and at 8-inch diameter are large enough to make access easy. These work pretty well and largely contain the odor that can come from a Compost Bin from time to time.

Despite their size, the Tumblers are very easy to rotate thanks to the roller wheels located on top of the base. Combine these with the generous “hand holds” on the Tumbler itself and even when full rotation is not difficult.

The base doubles as a collector for Compost tea and can hold up to 5 Gallons for future application to your Garden

When full, the compost can be removed with a small spade and taken to where it is needed, or you can roll the entire barrel off the base, and roll it to where it is wanted. However, the two tumblers cannot be detached from each other. You have to roll the entire thing so it can get a bit heavy and you might need some assistance depending on your strength.If this is a challenge, you might be better suited by using two of the Envirocycle tumblers which we chose as our Best Compost Tumbler, partly because it is so easy to get the compost to where you need it.

100% Recycled Materials

As is fitting for a recycling system, this product is constructed from 100% recycled, BPA-free, plastic. It comes with a one year warranty from the manufacturer.

Overall this is an excellent Compost Tumbler system, it is pleasing to the eye, large enough to provide a steady flow of compost, and larger tumblers allow the compost to mature in as little as 3 or 4 weeks.

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