Keeping Toxins out of your waste water

If you live on a property and rely on a septic or composting waste disposal unit, keeping toxins out of your waste water is essential.

The same is true if you are recycling your gray water for use on your veggie patch or in your orchard.

Whether for these reasons or if you are one of the many millions seeking more Environment-friendly products to reduce the impact of waste leaving your property, we have something you should really check out for yourself.
Some time back a friend told us about Grab Green home and Laundry care products.

We will run through some of the uses shortly, but these are brilliant, non-toxic products for just about everything you need to clean at home.

Firstly, these guys list every single ingredient clearly on their labels so we can make informed choices. Detergents are dispensed via pods, Products are packed in resealable Velcro topped pouches. Even their degreaser and cookware/bakeware cleaners are solvent free.

The Company has spent years on scientific research to arrive at the optimal balance between mineral based, and plant-based ingredients to provide solid cleaning power that is safe for the Environment. All products are non-toxic and concentrated so they are still powerful enough to deliver effective cleaning.

Grab Green are confident that these products surpass other eco-friendly products and will compete head to head with damaging conventional products.

The product list is considerable with laundry products (detergent, bleach replacements and dryer sheets), Kitchen products (Dishwashing Detergent, Bakeware cleaner, Garbage disposal Cleaner, Dish soap, Sponges and Brushes), General Cleaners (All purpose, Degreaser, Countertop, Glass cleaner) along with hand and body soaps, and room fresheners.

They can be purchased in “bundles” so you have a cross section of products to cover your needs, even gift sets are available.

Products can be fragrance-free or choose from 9 natural scents, all carefully blended from essential oils.

Most packaging is recyclable, sustainably harvested ingredients are selected, and resources used in production are minimalized.

Products are biodegradable and there is no animal testing.

According to the Company, there are “No phthalates, solvents, ammonia, phosphates, fillers, optical brighteners, masking agents or dyes. EVER!”

Click here or on the advert to the right, to visit their website and learn more. The company’s intentions are impressive, and the products really work

One more way to protect our waterways, and home grown food supplies without compromising convenience.


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