Kitchen Compost Shredder

After I started Composting, one of the factors foremost in my mind was speed. Just how quickly could I get fresh new soil from household waste. The same applied when I bought my worm farm. It made sense when I read that the smaller the scraps going into my Compost bin and Worm farm, the better. That is when I decided to buy a Kitchen Compost Shredder.

I settled on the newly improved Green Cycler Platinum 2

Green Cycler Kitchen Compost Shredder


Most of the reviews I had read about earlier models suggested that as a shredder, the Green Cycler did a great job.

However, in the early models, there had been some issues with stability as the suction cups were not up to the job.

Also, apparently the grinder handle was not as strong as it should have been.


The new, upgraded, Plainium2 model was supposed to fix all that, with it’s improved Suction cups and stronger crank.

I was pleased to learn that not only does this Kitchen Compost Shredder have full warranty cover on all components, but the makers are very proactive with customer service. So, despite the reported issues, I decided to try the new model,

My first impressions

After removing it from the package the first thing I noticed was that it simply looked great on my counter.

The viewing window on top gives a clear view of what is happening below, (which is interesting at first).

It’s grinding handle moves in both directions, and grinding happens both ways. I have had no trouble at all shredding up all manner of kitchen scraps, including cut flowers whose time in the vase is up.

Meat products never make it into my compost systems, so I don’t know how the kitchen compost shredder would deal with bones, but for me, it is simply not an issue.

We live in a warm climate where fruit fly can be a problem, but I found a simple solution.

Firstly, when I am preparing meals, the shredder is placed on my counter top. With my level of use, I tend to take about 3-4 days to fill the tray with the shredded material. In between sessions, I simply lift it off the counter and store it in the cupboard below my sink.

Each time I empty the shredded scraps into my Worm farm, or compost bin I put the shredder straight into the dishwasher. This way I have, so far, avoided both fruit fly, and odor. It also means that cleaning is effortless really.Compost Starter

One month with my Kitchen Compost Shredder

I don’t know how the suction cups were before, but after using this compost starter for a month now, I have not had any issue with movement at all.

As for the question of “speed”, for me, the jury is still out. We saw a claim somewhere that using the shredder would mean finished compost 10 times faster. I don’t know about that as I have not yet been through a full cycle with my compost bins. My worms in the worm farm are getting through the food much more quickly than before.

Some people are also using the shredder (when clean of course), to crush fruits for sauces, and vegetables for soups which is a great idea. Certainly something I will try for soup making as winter arrives.

I think the previous Green Cycler Kitchen Compost Shredder scored around 3 stars from user reviews. This new one should average well above 4.  After a month I would have no hesitation scoring it a five. The only question left in my mind is longevity, and only time will answer that one.


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