Lifetime 62028 Tumbling Composter

Lifetime 62028 Tumbling Composter-Assembled The Lifetime 62028 Tumbling Composter, promises heavy duty performance but it comes from lightweight construction. Made in the USA by the company of the same name, these products are all about durability.

Compared to other Compost tumblers,it features an extra large lid that you can remove completely. This means you can load it more easily.

When the lid is closed, there is a latch system to keep critters out. The steel frame is powder coated and is meant to withstand everything from a gentle breeze to a howling blizzard – although composting in extreme Winters is of little value – at least this compost bin can take any kind of weather.

The capacity is rated at 8.7 cubic feet so if you can imagine that, this compost bin has a lot of space for whatever you intend to throw into it. The black panel construction is not by accident. Being black, it will absorb and retain heat, which is important for any compost tumbler to be successful.

The design of this particular tumbling composter allows it turn on an axis providing not only easy rotation but a balanced rotation. It won’t cause anything inside to shift and throw the unit off balance.

This compost tumbler comes with a 5-year limited manufacturer’s warranty and if used properly, could last you a lifetime, so it really could be the last compost bin you will ever buy.

But how does the Lifetime Tumbling Composter perform?

Right off the bat what attracted me to this product was that it is essentially a self-contained suspended tumbler. It beats the heck out of the way I used to compost. Imagine a smelly pile of slowly rotting refuse in the back corner of the garden that had to be rotated with a pitchfork. It was hard work, and that is really the reason I went looking for a compost bin that suits my situation in the first place.

The Lifetime 62028 is light years beyond that. The tumbling action is smooth and balanced. When the lid is closed, it locks away any odors. Plus, with it being elevated, taking compost to the Garden is much easier. I just park the wheelbarrow underneath, unlatch the door and dump what I need.

I also like that this tumbling composter is large. It is 65-gallons, so this is a serious amount of maturing organic material. You can also lock it into various positions when not actually tumbling it. This is handy for loading in material or, as I mentioned, pulling some out for a wheelbarrow load to take to the flower bed or Veggie patch.

Be Prepared for assembly

There was one issue that I discovered right away. For some reason, I expected this compost bin to be partly assembled. I envisioned a box with this giant bin inside, expecting  to more or less put the framing together for the legs and stand. That was a very wrong assumption on my part. The package comes to you flat with a bag of hardware. Be prepared as it will take a bit of time to assemble. I spent over two hours on mine and I know a little bit about screwing things together with nuts and bolts.

I want to say that the instructions are flawless. Even so when I thought I had everything together I soon realized a couple things didn’t look quite right. I had to take a few pieces apart and pick up from where everything appeared to look close to perfect. That added a few extra minutes to my overall assembly time.

My wrong assumption aside, you should make it through the assembly process without a lot of problems. From there this tumbling composter will impress you. It’s big, balanced, heat retaining and overall very solid. I will never go back to any other form of composting now.User reviews suggest that this is one of the best Compost Tumblers available. So far I can’t argue and chances are pretty good you will feel the same way too.

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