Save on Braun Clean and Renew Refill Cartridge

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Save on Braun Clean and Renew Refill Cartridge or Homemade cleaning Solution for Braun Shavers. Genuine refills from under $5, Homemade $1.88. (Instructions for making your own follow).

There are often great deals on genuine Braun refills, alternatively, you can save even more, by making your own homemade Braun Clean and Renew refill cartridge solution, with our CCR3 recipe below.

Making your own means less plastic waste going into landfills, and fewer chemicals in our waterways. So we will show you how to help your pocket and the environment.

Homemade Braun Cleaning SolutionRefilling this plastic Braun Cleaning Cartridge costs me about $1.88 each time, instead of paying around $5 each for the original. So my refill costs also drop from $60 to around $23 per year.

Fortunately, this not only works for the Braun Series 7 cleaning cartridges but for each Braun Series from Series 3 through to the current Braun Series 9.

Braun shavers are one of the most highly rated brands. They make some of the most advanced shavers available, according to trusted reviewers online. I guess that’s why most top review websites have the Series 7 or Series 9 as their number 1 choice.I personally think the Braun Series 9 is the best electric razor out there. But whichever Braun Shaver you have, you can save money on your Braun Razor Cleaner.

To be fair, buying the original Braun clean and renew refill packs won’t cost you much.One $4-$5 per cartridge should last for a month if used daily.
If you are looking to save on a genuine Braun Clean and Renew refill cartridge simply click on the Cartridge image below and choose the option which suits you best.


Prime members Click Image for Genuine Refills from Amazon

Homemade Braun Clean and Renew Cartridge Solution

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Rotary Garden Compost Tumbler Bin

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rotary-garden-tumbler-composterThis compost tumbler bin has the benefit of two different chambers. This means you can use one to continue adding new material, while the other, already full chamber is ‘curing’. So it produces compost quicker.

It is also very easy to use as all you have to do is load it with kitchen scraps, close the sliding door and let it cook. There are built in hand holds so you can rotate the elevated bin whenever you want. The whole point behind the tumbling action is that it mixes material together, and speeds up the composting process. The manufacturer says this unit will produce nutrient rich soil in about two weeks.
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Saving energy with Coffee Makers

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Coffee is the world’s most popular beverage, and the first thing that most people look for in the morning. But few people know that they can be saving energy with Coffee makers they buy.

Saving energy with Coffee Makers


Coffee gives an energy boost, and contains essential antioxidants that cleanse our system of impurities. So coffee makers are great appliances to have in your home as they allow you to prepare quality coffee fast and easy. However Coffee makers use energy, and energy production effects our waterways, so the more efficient our Coffee makes the better. Read more

Espresso Machines Different Heating Technologies

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ne simple pleasure that most of us turn to each day, (which in turn relies on water quality) is our daily Coffee. As a coffee consumer purchasing a home coffee maker, there are numerous factors to consider, some of which impact on energy consumption, price and purity


If you have decided to buy a semi-automatic espresso machine, three important aspects to consider are the Heating Technology, Portafilter, and Grouphead. You can follow this link to read about the best espresso machine for home: without the techno-speak, or read on: Read more

Yimby Tumbler Composter Review

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The Yimby Tumbler Composter is the Number 1 best-selling Compost Tumbler on Amazon. It is made by Forrest City, a leading designer, and manufacturer of Compost Systems.

This compost tumbler has the flexibility of two chambers.

Using a Yimby Tumbler Composter

yimby tumbler composterIt is very easy to get the best results from this Composter. Simply place it in a sunny spot, (to minimize the maturing time), and progressively fill the first chamber. It helps to add a little soil or compost starter first, then add your kitchen scraps. I suggest you rotate the Chamber a few turns every couple of days.

Depending on the amount of material you have available, it could take you about a month to fill a chamber. Once full, just leave it to mature and start adding material to the second one.
I have seen claims that your Compost will be ready in two weeks. However, in reality, I think it more likely that once the chamber is full, it will take about a month. During that time just continue to rotate the
chamber every couple of days, and keep it moist.

If you are new to composting, waiting 2 months from start to finish might seem like a long time. It’s not, this is a much quicker turn around than an old fashioned Compost Heap.

Once you get started, of course, you are filling the second compartment while the first is cooking. In effect, the process gets faster and more continuous as you go along. Read more

Can frogs measure water health

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Can frogs measure water healthCan frogs measure water health?  According to National Geographic the answer is Yes.

Frogs act as biosensors and help us in detecting polluted water

Frogs produce an unmistakable croaking sound that is associated with their mating behavior. There is a natural frog croaking sound that occurs when the environment, (water), is not affected by any toxins. However, scientists have discovered that this sound changes according to the level of pollution in the river. So clearly in their own way frogs measure water health.

How environmental factors impact the croaking of the frog

The condition of our lakes and rivers, especially close to population centers, is often impacted by a variety of factors. There is often industrial effluent  released into the river Added to this is a large amount of human waste that finds it’s into the water ecosystem. A lot of the substances in the water are going to affect the hormonal balance of animals. Not only humans using the ecosystem but also of the aquatic life such as frogs. In fact the effect is particularly pronounced on the smaller animals. Read more

“Good Ideas” Dual Compost Tumbler

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Are you looking for a quality Compost Tumbler, which provides the convenience of Dual Tumbler bins, and the capacity of a larger, heavy duty Compost Bin?

If so, the “Good Ideas” CW-2XS007 with bonus Starter kit might be just the answer. The Company is based in Pennsylvania, so you are buying a quality American product.

This product has been recently added to the Amazon warehouse. It now ships directly from Amazon with a three-part starter kit as well. So you can now rely on the shipping methods and guaranteed shipping times that Amazon is famous for. Being a newly added item, at the time of writing, this specific product has not gathered any customer reviews. Don’t be concerned. The same product, (and others from this Brand), have hundreds of reviews from satisfied users and average over 4 stars. Read more

How Water Purification Tablets work

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Water Purification tablets are not important where most of us live. In our fairly comfortable environments, and we take things such as the purity of water almost for granted. But there are plenty of situations around the world, especially when traveling, where safe water cannot be guaranteed.

When safety of drinking water is an issue, Water Purification Tablets  or a Personal Lifestraw are the answer.
Water Purification Tablets Personal Lifesrtraw

Water purification tablets offer one of the most effective techniques that you can use to purify your water. Read more

Kitchen Compost Shredder

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After I started Composting, one of the factors foremost in my mind was speed. Just how quickly could I get fresh new soil from household waste. The same applied when I bought my worm farm. It made sense when I read that the smaller the scraps going into my Compost bin and Worm farm, the better. That is when I decided to buy a Kitchen Compost Shredder.

I settled on the newly improved Green Cycler Platinum 2

Green Cycler Kitchen Compost Shredder


Most of the reviews I had read about earlier models suggested that as a shredder, the Green Cycler did a great job.

However, in the early models, there had been some issues with stability as the suction cups were not up to the job.

Also, apparently the grinder handle was not as strong as it should have been.


The new, upgraded, Plainium2 model was supposed to fix all that, with it’s improved Suction cups and stronger crank. Read more