Kitchen Compost Shredder

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After I started Composting, one of the factors foremost in my mind was speed. Just how quickly could I get fresh new soil from household waste. The same applied when I bought my worm farm. It made sense when I read that the smaller the scraps going into my Compost bin and Worm farm, the better. That is when I decided to buy a Kitchen Compost Shredder.

I settled on the newly improved Green Cycler Platinum 2

Green Cycler Kitchen Compost Shredder


Most of the reviews I had read about earlier models suggested that as a shredder, the Green Cycler did a great job.

However, in the early models, there had been some issues with stability as the suction cups were not up to the job.

Also, apparently the grinder handle was not as strong as it should have been.


The new, upgraded, Plainium2 model was supposed to fix all that, with it’s improved Suction cups and stronger crank. Read more

Redmon’s Best Plastic Compost Bin

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The free standing plastic compost bin is found in more gardens than any other type of Bin. The reasons for this are simple, they are inexpensive, easy to install, and easy to use. Just add a little understanding of the composting process, and you are on your way to new, nourishing soil for your garden.

In reality, these compost bins are not made from plastic at all. They are made from a much more resilient plastic Resin. This provides the durability to withstand the elements all year round.

Redmon Green Culture Plastic Compost Bin

Plastic Compost BinRedmon is a New Zealand company. Its 65-gallon Compost bin is Amazons #3 best selling product in Outdoor compost bins. Weighing only 15 pounds, it comes with easy to follow assembly Instructions. They also provide a free guide to making great Compost.

Once you have the Bin assembled, the first thing you will notice is the full-width access provided by the removable Lid.
Read more

The Significance of Hydrobiology

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Hunting Fish on WaterAccording to Wikipedia Hydrobiology is “The science of life, and life processes in Water”

Part of the broader studies of our Ecology, Hydrobiology looks at the the health of living , water based organisms in both flowing and still water, and includes studies in Economic Biology, morphology, taxonomy,Industrial Biology and others.

For us the significant feature is that all these studies focus on the health of the aquatic creatures, which in turn rely on the health of the water itself.  This study ties in closely with both sewerage management and water purification, as well as management of Rivers, Lakes water catchments etc Read more

Lifetime 62028 Tumbling Composter

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Lifetime 62028 Tumbling Composter-Assembled The Lifetime 62028 Tumbling Composter, promises heavy duty performance but it comes from lightweight construction. Made in the USA by the company of the same name, these products are all about durability.

Compared to other Compost tumblers,it features an extra large lid that you can remove completely. This means you can load it more easily.

When the lid is closed, there is a latch system to keep critters out. The steel frame is powder coated and is meant to withstand everything from a gentle breeze to a howling blizzard – although composting in extreme Winters is of little value – at least this compost bin can take any kind of weather. Read more

Why Protect Wetlands?

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In the face of population pressure, urbanization and development have you ever asked yourself Why Protect Wetlands ? Surely those swamps would be better used to house people after all.

Why Protect Waterways


Unfortunately that has been a commonly held opinion for far too long. Now population pressure, and developer’s lobbyists are putting increasing pressure on precious wetlands.

This is partly because property developers challenge local authorities and also ask Why Protect Wetlands. But they have a different emphasis, and a lot of money behind them.

How do you convince a developer that the ecosystem of the wetland is more important than a multi-million dollar resort project? Read more

Spin Bin Compost Barrel

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Spin Bin 60 Compost BarrelFeaturing construction made from 100-percent recycled plastic, the Spin Bin Compost Barrel has one of the best compost system designs available. That comes from the total of 20 ventilation slots built into the design.

The increased airflow this produces allows for faster decomposition resulting in faster compost production. The internal heat generated speeds up the time between loading and harvesting.

The Ventilation slots help to keep the mix sweet. If there is insufficient air flow, the mixture gets too wet, and sours. The internal heat generation and good airflow reduces the time required between filling the bin with kitchen scraps and unloading nutrient rich soil made from it.
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