Redmon’s Best Plastic Compost Bin

The free standing plastic compost bin is found in more gardens than any other type of Bin. The reasons for this are simple, they are inexpensive, easy to install, and easy to use. Just add a little understanding of the composting process, and you are on your way to new, nourishing soil for your garden.

In reality, these compost bins are not made from plastic at all. They are made from a much more resilient plastic Resin. This provides the durability to withstand the elements all year round.

Redmon Green Culture Plastic Compost Bin

Plastic Compost BinRedmon is a New Zealand company. Its 65-gallon Compost bin is Amazons #3 best selling product in Outdoor compost bins. Weighing only 15 pounds, it comes with easy to follow assembly Instructions. They also provide a free guide to making great Compost.

Once you have the Bin assembled, the first thing you will notice is the full-width access provided by the removable Lid.
This make is extremely easy to add materials. Everything from kitchen scraps, to plant material from pruning, or plants from your veggie patch that have reached the end of their journey. Because the opening is so large you can easily tip in grass clippings from your lawnmower catcher or even tip in the contents of your wheelbarrow.

Another important feature of this plastic compost bin, are the prominent ventilation holes. These are not only evenly spaced around the bin but are also designed to keep out mice etc. Ventilation is essential in Composting. Without adequate airflow you compost can become overly wet and become very smelly.

Easy Compost Removal

Just as important as easy loading with the removable top cover is the access for removing the compost when it’s ready.

This free standing compost bin has 4 access doors at the base. There is one on each of the four side panels. So no matter where you locate your Bin, removal of your new soil is simple.

One of the advantages of a free-standing compost bin is that it has no base. This means that when you position it in your garden, you allow garden worms to enter the bin from below. Worms live on the bacteria that comes from the decomposing material, aerate soil, and improve water uptake.

Now, when you unload your compost into your garden, you will not only add fresh soil to your beds. You are also introducing more healthy garden worms to further boost your gardens.

Buying a Redman compost bin through Amazon means you can have one of the most popular Bins around, and despite the fact that is made in New Zealand, you will also have the safety of Amazon’s return policies.

Windinger Compost AeratorFor best results, we would suggest you buy the original Redmon Wingdinger Aerator. These will ship in the same package and makes it easy to rotate your compost as it is maturing.

This Bin stands 31 inches high and is 26.5 inches square at the base, so it will sit easily pretty much anywhere in the garden.

For ease of assembly, use and durability, the Redmon 65 gallon plastic compost bin, is one of the best compost bins you can buy for your garden.

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