Rotary Garden Compost Tumbler Bin

rotary-garden-tumbler-composterThis compost tumbler bin has the benefit of two different chambers. This means you can use one to continue adding new material, while the other, already full chamber is ‘curing’. So it produces compost quicker.

It is also very easy to use as all you have to do is load it with kitchen scraps, close the sliding door and let it cook. There are built in hand holds so you can rotate the elevated bin whenever you want. The whole point behind the tumbling action is that it mixes material together, and speeds up the composting process. The manufacturer says this unit will produce nutrient rich soil in about two weeks.

Compost Tumbler Bin

The compost tumbler is 50-percent recycled plastic and 50-percent new material and features adjustable air vents. The ventilation required is important to the composting process.

The air vents are also small enough to keep rodents and any other critters or pets from getting inside. What makes this one of the best compost bins available is the size. The tumbler bin has a complete capacity of  37 Gallons and it sits on a sturdy 18 gauge tubular, black coated frame.

It does not take up much space, is easy to operate and can sit on any surface.

Is it really the best Compost Tumbler Bin?

I would certainly say that is is one of the best. However, with any kind of composting you really have to understand what materials have the better chance of breaking down into a top quality soil.

If you have ever used a compost bin before and it failed, chances are it was not the fault of the actual bin. Composting is a simple process as long as you follow the basic steps.

Under ideal conditions, you will see compost in about two weeks with this unit. Colder climates and an incorrect balance of carbon and nitrogen content in the bin will slow the process down.

With that out of the way, this Rotary Garden Compost Tumbler Bin is very effective in composting kitchen and garden waste. What makes this model one of the best compost bins I have used is the dual chamber design. It basically means you can always have fresh compost available once you get the routine down. The built-in hand holds make tumbling extremely easy and in a way, it is fun to do. If your son or daughter have yard chores and one of them is tumbling the compost, you can bet that with this compost tumbler bin they would find this particular chore more fun than work.

I love the Height

The bin sits high enough that I can simply position my wheelbarrow beneath it to collect Finished Compost, much more convenient than lower set Compost bins

I also like the size of this product. It is big enough to do the job but it does not look bulky. The sturdy frame holds it in place and allows for a balanced tumbling action. For me, I also like that half of the material used to make this bin is from recycled plastic. It just makes me feel a little better knowing my green efforts are complementing those of the manufacturer.

I did find assembly to take a long time. There are a lot – and I mean, a lot – of screws and steps to follow to put this composter together but it will be worth it. The fill hole I thought could have been a little bigger but I understand that it is supposed to prevent animals from snacking on the kitchen scraps so I’ve gotten past that issue. I’ve heard some people think this composter is smaller than it looks online, but as I’ve mentioned, it’s plenty big enough for what I need. You’ll probably find the same.

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