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Best Compost Bin for your lifestyle

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Let’s find the best compost bin for your lifestyle.Should you use a Compost Tumbler, a static Compost Bin or try the fascinating world of Worm Composting? Whichever you choose, for a gardener, there are few things more satisfying than Composting. Nothing compares to taking waste from your kitchen and garden and turning it into rich, new soil for pots or garden beds.

We consider

  • Kitchen compost bins
  • Static Compost Bins
  • Compost Tumbler Bins
  • Homemade Compost Bins

Not to lose track of the fact that the things you grow in that new soil, be it fresh vegetables, fresh Strawberries in a hanging basket, or aromatic herbs to intensify your cooking, are all 100% totally guaranteed Organic produce.

Thanks to our Best Compost Bin

We are going to look at some off the shelf solutions first.
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Best Compost Tumbler Bin

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Made in the USA by Envirocycle, the manufacturers simply claim that this is the most beautiful composter in the world, we also think it is the best compost tumbler bin available.
Best Compost Tumbler Bin

On the subject of “most beautiful”, whether used as a single unit, or as a series of two or more side by side, these compost tumblers have a compact but strong appearance, that actually enhances your Garden whilst so many others detract. So the makers claim might just stand up to scrutiny too.

10 Reasons why this is the Best Compost Tumbler Bin

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Worm Composting at Home

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Worm Composting is a very different way to produce rich garden Compost from your kitchen scraps. Unlike Compost Bins and Compost Tumblers, compost from a worm farm does not rely on internal heat to turn your scraps into rich new soil.

In a worm farm, as the name suggests, it is the special (Red) Composting Worms that do the work.

Worm Composting

Worm composting does not involve regular garden worms. In fact, Compost worms will probably not survive if accidentally removed from your worm farm trays, and added to your garden beds with the castings. Composting worms live off the bacteria created by the degrading scraps.

Composting worms cannot tolerate heat or sunlight, so keep this in mind, and place your worm farm in a shady position. It also helps to place a moist hessian sack or layers of moist cardboard on top of the scraps in your top tray, to keep worms cool.

Your Compost worms will rapidly burrow down to escape any sunlight. This is very helpful when it comes to harvesting worm castings from your trays. As the worms burrow, you can safely remove the castings without discarding the worms themselves. Read more

Worm Factory 360 Review

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Home Worm Factory 360To put things into perspective quickly, you can look at composting with worms is a clean and interesting way to reduce your organic waste. Think of it as convenient, odor free faster composting with less effort on your part. The Worm Factory 360 is designed with four trays and can be expanded to eight trays in total. This makes it the largest volume worm composter for home use.

The lid has been designed to act as a stand for your trays when you are harvesting the worm castings.Though it can be expanded to 8 trays, in reality, 4 will be more than enough for most users. In many cases, even the fourth tray will rarely be used unless you have a large supply of material coming in.

If you are new to worm farms, you will appreciate the instructional DVD which comes as a bonus with the Worm Factory 360. Also making this one of the best “worm farm” offers available is the accessory kit. The kit includes some of the basic tools you will need. These will help you to get the maximum benefit and productivity from the worm factory in the shortest time. Read more

Enviro World 82 Gallon Compost Bin

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enviro world 82 gallon compost binWe love the simple design of this compost bin. It comes in one piece with no assembly required – which makes this a perfect choice for the beginner. Call it Composting 101 with a lot of the steps removed. In fact, once you get this garden compost bin out of the box you are pretty much ready to start composting.

Other features that make this a great garden compost bin for beginners is that it is big enough to produce a lot of nutrient rich soil. It measures at 11 cubic feet and has a twist locking lid to keep it in place and to keep critters out.

The bin also has ventilation slots that are strategically located to maximize the process required for composting. It’s added bonuses include metal grounding pegs to hold it in place and keep it stable when filling or emptying. Plus, if you are using this as a Composting beginner, there’s also a handy Composting Guide included in the package.

Enviro World are based in Canada, and make environmentally freindly products for individuals and municipalities throughout Canada and the USA.

As you would expect from such a Company, the Enviro World 82 is only made from 100-percent recycled material. So you know that your green efforts are being matched by the company that made this unit. No matter if you are a composting ‘newbie’ or a long time recycler, you will appreciate the performance of this composter. You will be able to create clean soil that you can add to your yard or garden and do it quickly and easily with this handy composter.

Would I call it the best garden compost bin I have found?

Let’s take a look at some of the features first. I like that this specific compost bin is a single construction style. This is why I would highly recommend this product for beginners. If you are not sure whether or not composting is something you want to do on a regular basis, this basic style bin is for you. It is not hard to use and it looks like a standard composter.

The large 19.5-inch opening is great as it allows you to feed it and gives you enough room to stir the mixture up with a stick, small shovel or pitchfork. It’s lid, however, is a little less secure than I would like but the fact that it is a twist on style eliminates the need for an extra latching system, so in a way that cancels out one problem. I think that if the design had a screen at the bottom it could be a little more efficient at keeping out pests, but I am also looking at this as an experienced composter. A beginner may not be as concerned, and the trade off is that garden worms have access and can help speed up the process.

One design feature I would like to see improved upon with this composter is the staking system to secure the bin to the ground. Depending on the ground conditions where you place this bin, you may encounter problems with the stakes. I look at it like tent pegs. I would rather secure a tent to the ground with spiral pegs. I think the same would make this bin more stable in some locations. Either way, the stakes that come with this unit are not long enough for my liking, but it is easy to buy longer ones if stability does become an issue.

But, aside from those two points, it is a pretty good composter. Not exactly the best compost system, but a good one regardless. The Composting 101  Guide is packed with tons of tips and provides a good education for someone approaching this as a beginner. If you are little more experienced in the art of composting leaves and other yard and kitchen wastes, you may find this bin a bit too basic for your needs. However, as a backup or extra composte bin, it will fit the bill quite nicely.

Rotary Garden Compost Tumbler Bin

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rotary-garden-tumbler-composterThis compost tumbler bin has the benefit of two different chambers. This means you can use one to continue adding new material, while the other, already full chamber is ‘curing’. So it produces compost quicker.

It is also very easy to use as all you have to do is load it with kitchen scraps, close the sliding door and let it cook. There are built in hand holds so you can rotate the elevated bin whenever you want. The whole point behind the tumbling action is that it mixes material together, and speeds up the composting process. The manufacturer says this unit will produce nutrient rich soil in about two weeks.
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Yimby Tumbler Composter Review

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The Yimby Tumbler Composter is the Number 1 best-selling Compost Tumbler on Amazon. It is made by Forrest City, a leading designer, and manufacturer of Compost Systems.

This compost tumbler has the flexibility of two chambers.

Using a Yimby Tumbler Composter

yimby tumbler composterIt is very easy to get the best results from this Composter. Simply place it in a sunny spot, (to minimize the maturing time), and progressively fill the first chamber. It helps to add a little soil or compost starter first, then add your kitchen scraps. I suggest you rotate the Chamber a few turns every couple of days.

Depending on the amount of material you have available, it could take you about a month to fill a chamber. Once full, just leave it to mature and start adding material to the second one.
I have seen claims that your Compost will be ready in two weeks. However, in reality, I think it more likely that once the chamber is full, it will take about a month. During that time just continue to rotate the
chamber every couple of days, and keep it moist.

If you are new to composting, waiting 2 months from start to finish might seem like a long time. It’s not, this is a much quicker turn around than an old fashioned Compost Heap.

Once you get started, of course, you are filling the second compartment while the first is cooking. In effect, the process gets faster and more continuous as you go along. Read more

“Good Ideas” Dual Compost Tumbler

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Are you looking for a quality Compost Tumbler, which provides the convenience of Dual Tumbler bins, and the capacity of a larger, heavy duty Compost Bin?

If so, the “Good Ideas” CW-2XS007 with bonus Starter kit might be just the answer. The Company is based in Pennsylvania, so you are buying a quality American product.

This product has been recently added to the Amazon warehouse. It now ships directly from Amazon with a three-part starter kit as well. So you can now rely on the shipping methods and guaranteed shipping times that Amazon is famous for. Being a newly added item, at the time of writing, this specific product has not gathered any customer reviews. Don’t be concerned. The same product, (and others from this Brand), have hundreds of reviews from satisfied users and average over 4 stars. Read more

Kitchen Compost Shredder

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After I started Composting, one of the factors foremost in my mind was speed. Just how quickly could I get fresh new soil from household waste. The same applied when I bought my worm farm. It made sense when I read that the smaller the scraps going into my Compost bin and Worm farm, the better. That is when I decided to buy a Kitchen Compost Shredder.

I settled on the newly improved Green Cycler Platinum 2

Green Cycler Kitchen Compost Shredder


Most of the reviews I had read about earlier models suggested that as a shredder, the Green Cycler did a great job.

However, in the early models, there had been some issues with stability as the suction cups were not up to the job.

Also, apparently the grinder handle was not as strong as it should have been.


The new, upgraded, Plainium2 model was supposed to fix all that, with it’s improved Suction cups and stronger crank. Read more

Redmon’s Best Plastic Compost Bin

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The free standing plastic compost bin is found in more gardens than any other type of Bin. The reasons for this are simple, they are inexpensive, easy to install, and easy to use. Just add a little understanding of the composting process, and you are on your way to new, nourishing soil for your garden.

In reality, these compost bins are not made from plastic at all. They are made from a much more resilient plastic Resin. This provides the durability to withstand the elements all year round.

Redmon Green Culture Plastic Compost Bin

Plastic Compost BinRedmon is a New Zealand company. Its 65-gallon Compost bin is Amazons #3 best selling product in Outdoor compost bins. Weighing only 15 pounds, it comes with easy to follow assembly Instructions. They also provide a free guide to making great Compost.

Once you have the Bin assembled, the first thing you will notice is the full-width access provided by the removable Lid.
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