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Best Compost Bin for your lifestyle

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Let’s find the best compost bin for your lifestyle.Should you use a Compost Tumbler, a static Compost Bin or try the fascinating world of Worm Composting? Whichever you choose, for a gardener, there are few things more satisfying than Composting. Nothing compares to taking waste from your kitchen and garden and turning it into rich, new soil for pots or garden beds.

We consider

  • Kitchen compost bins
  • Static Compost Bins
  • Compost Tumbler Bins
  • Homemade Compost Bins

Not to lose track of the fact that the things you grow in that new soil, be it fresh vegetables, fresh Strawberries in a hanging basket, or aromatic herbs to intensify your cooking, are all 100% totally guaranteed Organic produce.

Thanks to our Best Compost Bin

We are going to look at some off the shelf solutions first.
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Eco Friendly Fertilizer Options

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Eco Friendly fertilizer used to grow StrawberriesThe idea of “going green” is now mainstream. It’s no longer a movement of idealistic individuals, with an exaggerated concern about effects of a modern lifestyle.Eco friendly fertilizer is playing a big part in the transition.

Since organizations like Monsanto are being exposed, many people are realizing that going green is the only healthy option available.

Organic or “green” product options are popping up everywhere including the products that we use in our gardens, and our homes.

Because of the harmful effects of synthetic fertilizers, Eco friendly fertilizer, usually organic, is growing in popularity with backyard gardeners and commercial producers. Read more