What is the Best Water Filter?

drinking-water-filter-singapore-1235578_960_720In most places you can no longer assume that tap water is clean and filtered for optimum health. For peace of mind it is smart to install the best water filter you can afford.

In an industrialized world, Tap water contains a lot of contaminants that could be detrimental. According to the UK’s “Daily Mail“, these include Chlorine, Bacteria, Pesticides, Fluoride, and Heavy metals.

All of these can impact your health both in the short and in the long term. It has even been reported that Tap water contains chemicals which impact the gender of your unborn child. The taste of you water will also impact on your daily coffee etc

One way to reduce the risks, is to be proactive, and make sure you are drinking cleanest water you can. In your home that means filtering your water just before you drink it. You will find that the best water filters can remove most of the potentially harmful chemicals.

To be considered a “Good water filter”, it must get rid of not only harmful chemicals such as lead and chloroform. Increasingly there are also traces of organic chemicals, and bacteria to deal with.

We look at each  category of filter on the market and recommend for the best water filter in each:-

Best Water filter-Carafes

Best Water Filter Soma Carafe
Carafe water filters (also known as Pitcher water filters) are generally smaller in size, and suit one or two person homes.

They able to remove harmful chemicals such as chloroform and lead while at the same maintaining an excellent flow rate and cartridge life.

These are small enough to keep in the refrigerator to provide cold, clean water as needed.

With Carafe’s, it is best to choose from the top brands as some carafe water filters may have shorter cartridge life.We recommend the Soma 6-Cup Water Filter Carafe

Best Water Filter-Faucet Mounted

Best Water Filter-Faucet MountedYou can use the faucet mounted water filters for easy filtration of both cooking and drinking water.

They are also fairly easy to install in the kitchen. With these filters, you can also switch from unfiltered to filtered water.

The main disadvantage with this style of filter, is that they can slow your flow rate and they may not necessarily fit on all kinds of faucets, but if you are in rented accommodation they can be fitted and removed easily..

If you are looking for this type of filter, we suggest the Culligan FM-25

It’s chrome finish suits all decor, requires no tools to fit, and comes with a two year. Cartridge life is 200 gallons which should last 2 months or more. Included adaptors fit most faucets


Best Reverse-Osmosis Water Filter

Best Water Filter-Apec 5 satge Reverse osmosis

The Reverse-Osmosis water filters make use of the normal water pressure of your incoming cold water line. They force water through a series of filters, including a semi-permeable membrane. Water is then stored in a pressurized tank awaiting use. It is often filtered again before reaching your faucet.

They will catch a vast array of contaminants in the water including harmful chemicals and solids that have dissolved in the water.

The main downside with the reverse osmosis water filters is that they are slower, use more space and will create a lot of waste water during the filtration process. The filters will need to be replaced from time to time, as recommendation by the manufacturer and they will need to be sanitized once in a while as well. We recommend the Apec Top Tier 5 stage


Best Counter top water filters

Watts Counter Top Water FilterThese can be used in filtering a large amount of water without necessarily changing the kitchen plumbing.

Unlike the carafes or the faucet-mounted filters, they do not clog easily. So you will not be concerned about regular maintenance.

Most designs look pretty similar, and whilst they stand on your counter, they really don’t take up a great deal of space.

The Watts 500315 Counter-Top model represents great value.

It also takes most 10 inch filter cartridges, so you have flexibility when it comes time for replacements

Best Under-Sink Water Filters

Best Water Filter 3 stage under counter

These have the ability to filter and deliver a constant supply of quality drinking water.

Positioned under your sink, they will not clutter your counter top, and you can chose from numerous systems, featuring 1, 2 or 3 stage filtration.

If you have the room under your sink, in our opinion the 3 stage Apec WFS 1000 is a great option,(it measures 18 inches by 12inches, by 10 inches).

Short of moving to a larger Reverse Osmosis system, this will give you the most complete filtration available. It scores 4.6 of a possible 5 stars from existing customers.

These are our best water filters in each of the main categories.

To find the best filter for your needs, consider your water usage, space availability and ease of installation. If renting, it would be wise to consult your agent before buying under counter or reverse osmosis units, as these will generally require plumbing alterations, and you may not be able to take them with you when you leave.

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