Spin Bin Compost Barrel

Spin Bin 60 Compost BarrelFeaturing construction made from 100-percent recycled plastic, the Spin Bin Compost Barrel has one of the best compost system designs available. That comes from the total of 20 ventilation slots built into the design.

The increased airflow this produces allows for faster decomposition resulting in faster compost production. The internal heat generated speeds up the time between loading and harvesting.

The Ventilation slots help to keep the mix sweet. If there is insufficient air flow, the mixture gets too wet, and sours. The internal heat generation and good airflow reduces the time required between filling the bin with kitchen scraps and unloading nutrient rich soil made from it.

Other unique design features of the Spin Bin include a dual-mixing center bar. This is said to allow for more efficient mixing and aeration of contents. Both ends have wide openings so loading and unloading is easier. Each end has a sure grip lid which keeps critters out. On the inside there is a rugged ribbed interior. This not only adds extra strength to this compost bin, it assists in more complete mixing – even if you are composting leaves.

A dark interior keeps heat inside, as a result the composting process speeds up. There are four locations where you can insert a thermometer to check on the compost temperature. The legs are strong, powder coated and made of steel for stability and strength. The crowning glory that makes this a safe  compost system to buy, is that the manufacturer has attached a two year guarantee with this product. They describe it by stating if you have a problem of any kind with your Spin Bin within the first two years of owning it, they will either send you a refund or replacement.

Is it the best compost barrel and would I recommend you buying one?

Well, I’ve used one for many things. This particular one I tried composting leaves with and it did a great job. The incredible ventilation system scores high marks with me as it does speed up the process. I am also very fond of the fact that the entire bin is made from 100-percent recycled plastic. I also think the design part where there are thermometer ports is a stroke of genius. It really makes monitoring temperature the easiest part of composting.

The double bar in the centre is supposed to make mixing easier and I’m still on the fence on that one. It seems to depend on what you are loading into the compost bin. If all I’m doing is composting leaves with some kitchen scraps, I’m going to say that the bar helps…somewhat. When I include larger items like paper, cardboard,and garden cuttings the bar is sometimes in the way. Maybe I just haven’t figured out how to use that part of it properly yet. I suspect it would work better if I tore the paper,cardboard and cuttings into smaller peices before adding it to the mix.

You cant beat this for Assembly

One thing I did like about this Compost Barrel system is the ease in which it was assembled. I have spent hours putting together other compost bins but this one was far easier. I doubt it was because I have some experience in assembling composters. The design of this one was a lot easier to put together…period. You may find the Sure Grip lids at either end a bit harder to turn (open) compared to other compost bins but I like that they aren’t going to be accidently knocked open. The latching system for both lids could be a bit bigger but they work as they should.

It’s a 60-gallon composter with a lot of airflow so expect it to produce a lot of compost. One thing to remember is that the manufacturer does stand behind this product with a pretty solid refund/replacement policy. That in itself makes this a very attractive composter in my mind and well worth giving a try. If you like single chamber composters you might just vote this one the best compost system you have ever encountered.

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